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APPROACH to Design

Audio Visual Integrated System Design is a delicate blend of Art and Tech.

Many professionals in the AV industry identify with an technical mindset. How does the system work? How do the pieces fit together to make the whole? Can adjustments in angle, position, or material change the experienced outcome? What should the Graphical Interface portray to give the user an easy, clean experience?


Others identify with an arts mindset. How do we want people to feel when they walk in the space? What do we want people to focus on? What can we do to not distract from the purpose? When people leave what do we want them to be talking about? What will they say about this experience to their friends, in reviews, online social networks? What can we do to move the audience?


Event Tech AV works with the understanding that there is a need for a delicate blend of Art and Tech. When we approach AV design, we take the time to consider your event space, the technical needs of the building, and most importantly the end user, the audience.


When working with Event Tech AV in initial design process, our team will first try to understand you hopes for the project, and your end audience. Our design team will work to answer some core questions about who you are and what you would like your audience to experience before we jump into the technology that best fits your space. All the technology in the world could be the wrong technology if it doesn’t first fit into a framework that supports what you are trying to achieve.


    We love Audio Visual Systems. To be honest it’s all we pay attention to when we go into an event space, a concert, a restaurant or corporate lobby. If we see a good use of architectural lighting we want to know the brand. If we are at our children’s Christmas pageant we are either running sound or we want to know what systems they are using. You could say it is in our DNA, but too often AV Integrators and systems designers allow their passion for technology to overshadow the true purpose the technology is there to serve. This is our goal: to find out who you want the technology to serve and then our team will design the best system for your purpose.